DNS issues affecting US-WEST region load balancers resolved, 01/24/2015 03:36PM PST Load Balancing

Notification history

01/24/2015 03:36PM PST
The issues affecting .co domains are resolved. The load balancing service is now operating normally in all regions.
01/24/2015 01:56PM PST
After further investigation it seems that this issue is caused by the '.co' tld's (top level domain) nameservers not allowing the DNS request to be forwarded to AWS nameservers from some locations. Our tests show that in some european countries a few DNS requests to the ortc-developers.realtime.co URL are failing due to DNS name resolution errors. Some users will be able to mitigate the issue by connecting to ortc-developers-useast1.realtime.co instead.
01/24/2015 01:20PM PST
DNS requests are no longer failing in the US-WEST region. We'll keep monitoring and add the region to the Reatime Global Network as soon as no DNS errors are observed by our testing systems.
01/24/2015 12:12PM PST
We got a confirmation from one of our IaaS providers (AWS) that a DNS issue is affecting .co domains in some regions. Our DevOps team is monitoring the situation and redirecting Realtime traffic away from the affected regions.
01/24/2015 10:49AM PST
We are investigating DNS issues affecting the US-WEST region load balancers. Traffic is being routed to US-EAST.