Increased latency and API errors resolved, 09/22/2015 01:07AM PDT Data Backend

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09/22/2015 01:07AM PDT
AWS deployed a fix to the metadata service and the partition that was previously not taking full traffic is now doing so. DynamoDB is now operating normally and so is the Realtime Cloud Storage data backend service.
09/21/2015 02:39PM PDT
From AWS DynamoDB status page: "2:25 PM PDT We've heard from a small number of customers that they're still experiencing heightened error rates on DynamoDB APIs in the US-EAST-1 Region. We’ve investigated this and seen that one of the metadata partitions is not taking as much traffic as expected and, for a small subset of those customers with keys that reside on this partition, their error rates are higher than normal. We’re working on resolving this as soon as possible."
09/21/2015 12:26PM PDT
AWS acknowledges the DynamoDB service is suffering disruptions caused by yesterday's outage and they are working actively to resolve the issue. Only a small percentage of tables is being affected.
09/21/2015 11:46AM PDT
We are seeing increased latency and requests timeout from AWS DynamoDB API affecting some Cloud Storage tables. AWS is investigating.